PT. Samcro Hyosung is reputed for high quality and reliability in global market with storing know-how and technique, began to produce velcro in Indonesia in 1989 and has become a main resource for hook & loop fastening needs to local market.

PT. Samcro Hyosung is a small-medium enterprise known as good quality and reliability in global market with storing know-how and technique.

1. Product diversity
Developing various items of HOOK & LOOP FASTENER TAPE constantly makes us mass-produce diverse HOOK & LOOP on each usage and need, and supply top quality with plentiful know-how and technique.

2. Export-oriented sales policy
After our bold change to export-oriented sales policy in 1978, we have noted customers in Japan, Europe, USA and over 50 other countries and supply 90 % of our capacity to them with firm business partnership.  

3. Automatic production system
Especially in size, we have an automatic total system, which makes all possible in one plant from inspecting raw materials to producing finished goods. Thorough control and guarantee is possible with all sorts of equipments which were made by our own know-how and improvement.

4. High product stability
We introduced much more technical process maintenance, raw material control, and computer system upon achieving ISO/TS 16949 certification in Jan. 2004 and are supplying stable quality goods through rigid automatic quality control.  

5. Stable product supply in OEM and new product development  
Stable mass production is possible with automatic system throughout whole processes. Laboratory and development room are available to make new product all the time for customers ¡®requests. Moreover we can easily meet the expectation of new product by doing international exchange of technical information lively.

6. Production according to standard international regulation
Over 90 % of our capacity is directly exported to aboard, so production is done by all international regulations. Since we supply famous brands in Japan, USA, Europe and etc., it is safe to choose us particularly for agents which export finished products and companies which look for sub-materials for exporting goods.

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